78. Speaking for 10k

Speaking for 10k

This podcast is a duplicate from last year, but I like to revisit it and share it because of the importance and the potential it has.


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Speaking for 10k


I’m going to be blunt with you. Because I care about you, and I know you’re very likely stuck in a traditional speaking career business model that has you thinking you already know how to be a speaker who gets $10,000 per event.


You’re working hard to build your platform, make those connections and work your audiences into a fan-frenzied following that you can tap into for the big speaking fees.


You’re probably thinking that someday, you’ll be able to ask for, and get, that kind of appearance fee while planners are lining up to book you years in advance, and smiling while they hand over those heavy checks.


There are some really good resources out there that will help a speaker get to that point, but I’ll tell you this: If you’re not famous already, or are the very pinnacle expert in your field, you will not get those kinds of fees starting out.


No planner is going to pay you that kind of money unless you’re a household name, famous, an ex-president, astronaut, etc. And, honestly, maybe not even then.


You see where I’m going, right?


That list could go on and on. But if you’re not on it already, you will need to think outside of that very narrow lane to get to your $10K payday.


Here’s the right turn you need to make. Get ready to put your blinker on.


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