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Increase your Reach with a Service Organization

Some organizations meet weekly and have set aside a portion of their meeting for a presentation.  With around 50 meetings a year, they are hungry for speakers to present to their group.

To become a better-known and polished speaker, saturate your local market with speaking engagements. Soon people won’t be able to avoid seeing your name as the featured speaker, the headliner, a supporting break-out instructor, and more.  Another bonus of this method is that it doesn’t matter whether your target market is business or personal.  The people in the room are professionals, and of course they are people who have families and everyday concerns as well.

As an added bonus, the professionals in the room are from a wide variety of businesses and hold many different positions.  Ask the people you sit with or who thank you afterwards for opportunities to present at their place of business.  This may also give you a ready opportunity to do longer presentations with a fee.


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