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Today’s Podcast: 

My One Powerful Change to Make Yourself Crash Proof

 A lot of times I write about the nuts-n-bolts of running your speaking business and building your speaking platform. Speaker websites. Managing & finding leads. Hiring your speaker support team. And for good reason.

You have to focus on those two areas of your career, business & platform, to create a solid place to launch your success from, or it will not be sustainable.

You are a professional public speaker, but you are also a business manager and platform building coach, all at the same time. If you’re in this solo, meaning without an assistant or team, right now, you are wearing many, many hats. That might be overwhelming, or, it might be perfectly inside your wheelhouse.

Regardless of how well you’re handling – emotionally, mentally & practically – all the to-dos, have-tos, commitments and wish lists of running your career, there’s a wall out there waiting for you to hit it. When you do, you’ll do what everyone else does when they hit a wall. Crash into it & stop all forward motion & lose all momentum.

So, if you know there’s a wall out there for you, like everyone, what can you do to prepare for it, even if you don’t see it yet? Listen in to today’s podcast and find out how to make yourself crash proof.



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