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Today’s Podcast: 

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Speaker Website

I’ve worked with planners and speakers for 18 years and it is always a joy to come across an organized, neat, attractive website with everything needed easily at-hand.  Anything less can seriously hinder your speaking career.

You have a few moments, minutes at best, to captivate a planner.  If you make it frustrating they will move on.  Make the hiring decision easy, and the gratitude will come across in bookings.  Many times a planner will print an article or Onesheet to bring up before a board or selection committee. 

Make sure yours are ready to go.


Today’s resources:

The top 5 essential elements that make an incredible and profitable speakers website


This will really help you grow your business…. How to Be a $10K Speaker: It’s Not What You’re Thinking – Watch the video training here   

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