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16 Ways to Make Sure Your Speaker Video is Epic

Having a Speaker Demo video is as important as having a Speaker OneSheet

Planners want to see you in action so they can connect.

They want to see how you interact with the audience and how the audience reacts to you. It can lead to an immediate hiring decision for the planner.

Today planners are looking to watch you before making a decision just like in the “olden days” when you sent a VHS or DVD to a planner in your media kit via snail mail. You don’t see this anymore and in its place is online video.

If a planner goes to your website they will look for a video 1st and the 2nd, your OneSheet, or vice-versa.

Right alongside the OneSheet they are also looking for your video, which should be easily found on your website.

The Secret to a Perfect Speaker Video is Easier Than You Think

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