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3 Ways to Make Sure Your Images Get You Booked!

I have been working with speakers and planners a long time and have seen firsthand the gig-winning results of having the right images (online photos of you). The same is true in reverse, that planners will click away quickly to the next candidate, if they land on a page with certain types of images of you.

When chosen carefully to make the right impressions on the right people, your online shots can increase your bookings exponentially.

You must be careful to build a positive personal image which will be well-received by audiences. But sometimes you might forget that your images are spread virtually everywhere over the Internet. The physical person you present at the event is not always your audience’s first impression of you, right? Why is that? Simple searches online.

You are Googled, Binged, Firefoxed and more. You’re stored everywhere. Forever.

You do it, I do it, meeting planners most certainly do it. We research people before we do business with them. 

The Secret to Perfect Images is Easier Than You Think

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