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Ok on to the show ...

In today's podcast, I’m talking about "4 Ways to Avoid Social Media Opt-Out"

Go. Go. Go.

We are constantly on the move, busy beyond measure, and somedays, we know we aren’t even going to come close to getting everything done.

How do you make sure that your audience won’t opt out of your social media feeds, or worse yet, you opt out of this powerful marketing process due to a lack of time and focus?

Remember: Staying consistent when using social media builds trust and integrity. It also builds relationships with your audience on several levels which translate to engagement, and then, sales and bookings.

Leveraging your social media presence properly and effectively means that you can be everywhere at once. It also means you are in front of your audience when they have the time to check in with you.

It’s pretty powerful.

So how do you stay consistent with social media… how do you show up when you have a million other things to do?

What if you’re just not that into it?

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