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131. Why Speakers Are Marketers First, and Speakers Second

June 30, 2022

Why Speakers Are Marketers First, and Speakers Second

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Why Speakers are marketers first and speakers second
  • How to try and test marketing strategies





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Show notes:

There’s no question that, to build a successful speaking business, you have to have charisma, excellent delivery, and a way of connecting with and engaging audiences every time you step out on that stage. 


However, while it’s vital to hone your speaking skills, they are, in a way, secondary to the ability to market yourself. Why? Because without effective marketing strategies, even the most talented speakers in the world would struggle to stay afloat in the competitive public speaking industry.

If you’re a little confused, stick with me, and I’ll explain why the success of your business depends on your marketing ability much more than your on-stage speaking talent.

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